Lakedaimon — Inhale/Exhale


Lieblingslieder Records




Jan 2018

Direction, Camera, Postproduction

Urs Mader, Simon Wahlers



About the concept

Do real places still exist? Can one ever really be at one place only at a time? And what about the places no-one ever goes but we still can visit virtually. Are they real? Can we still be alone anywhere? And is there one true way of depicting a place?

In a time of Google Earth, augmented reality and ubiquitous cameras we have to find new answers to these questions. And we have to find out how virtual places fit into this. Music has become a more and more virtual experience, a place that exists in the digital world but has to be experienced in a very physical way.

Hamburg based creative studio Mit freundlicher Gestaltung have created a series of videos for Lakedaimon reflecting on the nature of actual places in digital surroundings and vice versa. They combine specifically filmed and altered drone material from Tenerife with 3D animated objects and create a hypnotising atmosphere. The slow pace underlines the gradual shifts in the music and enhances the listening experience without distracting from the song. They ask the question “Where is Lakedaimon?” and give a haunting psychedelic suggestion but never a definite answer.

Text by Johannes Dobroschke

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